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Dragon vs hydra


dragon vs hydra

Фэнтези Dragon или Hydra? Pick one: Dragon. vs. Hydra. zanhar1 posted Больше года. view results | next poll >> · save · add poll next poll. Hydra ; Cygnus, Olor, Ales, Volucris " Opvis, Köхvoҫ, Лебедь, в Млечном Пути изображается летящим ; по мифу, это или Зевс, превратившийся в лебедя и. Как использовать или принимать Гидру? Побочные эффекты; Купить Hydra – Dragon Pharma по лучшей цене. Об авторе сообщения. Советы по бодибилдингу. USING TOR WITHOUT TOR BROWSER GIDRA Dragon vs hydra при употреблении каких наркотиков расширяются зрачки


Dragon vs hydra что спайс делает с человеком


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The way to fight This is a usual battle. BD waits, Hydra defends. BD attacks Hydra retals 2. BD attacks no retal! Hydra attacks no retal 3. BD flies away. Hydra cannot follow, so defends. BD attacks Hydra retals 4. BD attacks no retal Remarks: 1 At turn two, if Hydras get morale, they can place a good hit that is what happened in fight 1 , and BD has to fly away. Black Dragons won 10 out of The 8th fight was the Hydras lucky day.

Some more remarks 1. All it measures is the poor 1 vs 1 fight. If we forget morale, then Hydras have no chance at all. I guess it is fair this way. Maybe one should also try what happens if we divide both armies into 2 stacks. Each player played to the best of its ability. It can be argued, but see, now waiting with the Black Dragons at the appropriate times or not flying away, if possible would be just stupid.

The examples show, that as stack sizes grow, the battles become more stable. Vince Hired Hero. Quote: First, my test results The way to fight This is a usual battle. Oh I tried another test after this one. I tested 9 thunderbirds against 2 BDs, they cost about the same amount which is around gold. This test I believe is more objective than the hydra comparison. I tested it 3 times using the stupid fighting method I used before and each time there were 5 thunderbirds left standing.

Nonetheless, I was shocked again. Quote: 1 A creature can retaliate once per action. That retaliation explanation is still not clear. As for 2 , you are assuming that creature growth is more important than cost. Lets look at a real game situation.

If 2 evenly skilled players are squaring off and they have access to the same resources the map is not unfair , then player A can get their 9 TBs out while player B can only get out 2 BDs. Just wanted to explain my logic. Once again there are many ways to compare units and they all have their pros and cons. I forgot about Breeding Pens. Wub Responsible Famous Hero. Direct battles and retaliation. Hmmmm, this is an interesting thread.

But his test results show that the dragons won with, on average, 4 out of 10 dragons left. That means that it is a closer battle than you would suspect at first. That is because they are even more inaccurate than you would realize at first. If I want to know if I should build black dragons or hydras, I want to know how they perform against my enemy, i.

On top of that, the way of comparing creatures happens in a very lame way when you put them against each other. That is because all creature characteristics are randomly used. The value of no retaliation may be under- or overestimated in this battle. Fire attack is not mixed in and multiple attack neither. Creatures may be lucky, i. The terrain penalty and obstacles influence the battle when testing. And so on, and so on.

Saying that a direct battle is not too far off because hydras miss their multiple attack and black dragons cannot use their magic immunity and fire attack, is untrue either. Because in that case you are assuming that you know the exact value of those creature specialties. Well, the value of all those creature characteristics is exactly what we wanted to know!

That is what the test is supposed to be for! If you already know the values, why test then? In other words: this method is too much flawed to use, I rather use other ways of comparing. Retaliation in battle does indeed work differently in Heroes 4 than in Heroes 3. On the combat field one of the most used tricks for me is striking at the moments that a stack has lost its retaliation. To accomplish this, you must first understand how creature movement order works.

Within these phases, creatures with the highest speed go first of course. Install Steam. Global Achievements. Gallows View Profile View Posts. I know these are two different units in what they do - But generally speaking, which is more effective in what they do? Showing 1 - 2 of 2 comments. Sevens View Profile View Posts. In singleplayer campaign the War Hydra just seems like the best. The Dragons are tough, but a bit more vulnerable.

Spears and pikes always go after them when they land, and archers as well as other flyers always try to knock them out of the sky. In multiplayer the opposite happens. The Dragon is prefered over the Hydra. Mostly becasue of the Dragons mobility.

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Percy Jackson Vs Hydra Dragons Part 2

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