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Tor browser open source hydra2web


tor browser open source hydra2web

ARNICA HYDRA RAIN PLUS ФИЛЬТР КУПИТЬ Tor browser open source hydra2web hydra торговая площадка зеркало linkshophydra tor browser open source hydra2web

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Direct requests to images running on tor2web must be blocked and appropriate error provided, in order to avoid internet forums to linking to images hosted on tor2web. If you want to maintain the censorship, another solution could be adding a flag, example:. This feature, in order to be implemented, must analyze and document the following aspects:.

Blocklist should support URL in order to support more granularity in applying filters to keep tor2web network running. In order to increase resiliency of Tor2web, it would be required to have different persons running different tor2web networks over different domains names. To be researched and defined on a consensus basis which would be the best way to implement distributed tor2web network.

Uniquely random Access is described on 33 Torweb Directory This ticket is about implementing a feature that solve a basic needs to allow Tor2web network to be networked, that is to have a directory of all tor2web nodes and their characteristics this ticket does not still enter overall networking mechanism, but just how the Tor directory could be used by tor2web. Tor2web nodes will announce themselves trough the Tor Directory Authority itself, by making any Tor2web nodes became also a Tor Relay.

The information metadata required for the tor2web nodes will be pushed trough standard existing entries such as:. This topic has to be discussed within Tor community, to understand the right configuration parameters of Tor Relay. Each tor2web node expose extended information trough http interface on a dedicated Tor Hidden Service. Certain client-side Javascript application on the internet require to know if they are using Tor or not. Currently Tor2web have the awareness about the existing Tor Exit Relay due to feature This feature is to implement a publicly available Web API, that allow a third party Javascript client, to request if is coming from Tor or not.

Cc hellais , evilaliv3 , vecna. A tor2web node have to associate a unique identifier, being this an IP address or an hostname. Over that unique identifier the Tor2web node must serve static files over http and https. The configuration by default should use the external IP address of the hostname, but it should be possible to optionally configure also another hostname for example mytor2webnode.

Email received from Tor2web notification system are missing several characteristics that drive them into spam folder:. This problem has been already an issue with GlobaLeaks 0. Tor2web does not load certificate chain files properly, this result in an error when using CA wildcard certificate that require the delivery of a certificate chain. A good cert chain for current tor2web.

Given previous experience with Tor2web 1. In particular the main issues that arised was related file buffering, the Tor2web proxy was acquiring the file data at "internet speed" by buffering it, and then sending it to the TorHS at "Tor speed". Implement a software watchdog to verify the continuity of the service and alert the tor2web site administrator. Create a Tor Hidden service mapped to this Tor2web instance and make short-circuited connections trough Tor to verify that the service is working properly, or if there is a Tor outage.

In order to run easily a tor2web node over a server with limited bandwidth it would be useful for the system administrator to configure specific Bandwidth Quota monthly limits. Tor2web, in case of error connecting to a TorHS, should tell to the user with an appropriate message if a Tor Hidden Service is unreachable or if it does not exists.

As additional improvement, to reduce the risks by Tor2web operators and better distribute tor2web nodes, we should implement an Access Disclaimer. Access disclaimer is shown to every user that have not accepted the access disclaimer. Upon acceptance of Access Disclaimer the user is given a temporary cookie. Any requests without the appropriate acceptance of Access Disclaimer will result in a redirection to the Access Disclaimer page.

That way we can definitely prevent embedding and crawling possibly illegal content from internet forums, directly from Tor2web resources. The acceptance of the disclaimer may mitigate the "White page effect" as the user will immediately be prompted with some content the disclaimer and when he will click to accept disclaimer and see the TorHS website, a Javascript comfort loader may be provided.

This feature is to implement a configurable TOS file and make it visible from everywhere. A default TOS, provided by Tor2web project, must be defined. We may need to engage lawyer to properly that. Make a tor2web web administration interface capable of handling most essential operations, analyze statistics and manage blocklists. All Tor2web clients that come from a Tor Exit Node must be redirected directly to the relevant. In case of error, all errors must provide a nice and user-friendly interface reporting the error.

This ticket is to research, inspect and dump ideas on Circuit Level Tor Level Optimizations that can be done to speedup Tor2web. To my mind this problem has always happened and has been fixed by hellais in past, but probably within the code reorganization has been reintroduced. We should also consider, how to detect such kind of error in an automatic way? Are there a way to detect a "normal behavior" of Tor2web and detect when there are "problems" in general?

It must be considered that statistics are very important to understand and improve the usage and functionality of Tor2web without breaking user privacy. Each node will publish a list of previous 30 days accessed Tor2web URLs in real-time at a given Tor2web node url in a standard format. This will allow batch-process to index the TorHS web spaces, to make statistics and analysis of Tor Hidden Service public space content For example creation of search engine.

Following the draft specification for "networked tor2web" as a work in progress on 24 to distribute responsibility between nodes that provide access to the content and node that provide link to access the content on other server , this feature implement the Unique Random Access URL logic.

In a typical scenario, a user will click on a blahblah. This ticket must be better specified following 24 draft. The Tor2web daemon must support startup from init. We should implement a default robots. The option to provide a static Robots. This feature must be configurable, but for early alpha-beta testing of Tor2web it may be very important to facilitate detection of bugs. When someone manage a blacklist, it maybe suitable to be able to annotate something on the specific item of the blacklist.

Tor2web сохраняет анонимность создателей, но сам по для себя не является инвентарем, обеспечивающим анонимность и не имеет никакой защиты для юзеров, не использующих защищённый протокол HTTPS. Начиная с версии 2. Материал из Википедии — вольной энциклопедии. Raw Thought 24 October Дата обращения: 4 февраля Архивировано 20 августа года. Места имён Статья Обсуждение. Просмотры Читать Править Править код История.

Aaron Swartz , Virgil Griffith.

Tor browser open source hydra2web нефтекамск и наркотики

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